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Our Recruitment Process consists of: Sourcing staff in Country of Origin, Pre-screening, suitability to work in Host Country (not all candidates are suitable to work anywhere), Pre-selection, initial test to assess the ”ability to learn a language”, final selection based upon set criteria and job offer.
Matira will take care of VISA processing, conduct a Pre- Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and once staff has arrived in the Host Country, they will undergo an On-boarding. If requested by the Client, we will set-up a “helpdesk” to provide the foreign staff with any assistance if needed. Current ongoing Staffing Projects: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Middle East

WHY choose MATIRA?

Matira has proven placement of medical staffing (nurses) from Asia.

Our Selection & Recruitment Process is standardized and based upon the Requirements as set out by the European Union.

Our nurses and medical professionals are compliant with the European standards, which is an “independent way of working”. Therefore, a strict recruitment process has been developed to cope with these requirements and also used for Clients outside Europe.

Matira uses demands & test / interview criteria (Talent Acquisition, Job Description & Specifications, Personality Profile of Candidates The concept of selecting successful candidates is our core element of the recruitment process.

Language training (optional) provided by Matira in Country of Origin and each Candidate will receive a Language Certification.

Specialist training (if required) This is specialised training as required by the Host Country. This will be done in the Country of Origin before leaving to work in the Host Country.

VISA application Through Local Country Employment & Immigration office in combination with the Host Country requirements.

On-boarding: Once staff has arrived in the Host Country, there will be an on-boarding, Medicare training if required,