Staffing of Nurses

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Staffing of Nurses

Matira is looking for young Entrepreneurs to setup a business in Staffing of Nurses in EU, ME and N-AM

Staffing Nurses

Matira provides staffing for Nurses by the following Business Model:

Global Alliances

Matira deliver multinational talents through regional and global partnerships and alliances.

Competitive advantages

Matira organizes Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars,
Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates, and Health Certificates (based upon a well-recognized fast accreditation process.

WHY choose MATIRA?

Matira and her partners has proven placement of medical staffing (nurses) from Asia in Europe. Europe has the most stringent regulation and requirements w.r.t. Medical Staff and Medical Health.

Selection & Recruitment Process

Our Selection & Recruitment Process is standardized and based upon the Requirements as set out by the European Union.


Nursing and medical professions are very strictly regulated in Europe. The nursing education in Asia is the basis but in Europe an additional trading needs to be done to become a full qualified nurse.
The nurses we have provided did qualify to European standards, which is an “independent way of working”. Therefore, a strict recruitment process has been developed to cope with these requirements and also used for Clients outside Europe.

Recruitment / Selection process

Define demands & test / interview criteria
– Talent Acquisition
– Job Description & Specifications
– Personality Profile of Candidates

Defining the criteria
In acc. Clients expectation, level of position & tasks is the basis for any successful recruitment.

Criteria are defined for both language (set of demands, defined criteria and a set of tests as well as interviews) as for Medicare.

The concept of selecting successful candidates (who will make it to the target country,) is the core element of the recruitment process.

Sourcing staff in Country of Origin

Pre-screening & Pre-selection

Final selection of Candidates based upon set criteria

Arrival in Host Country
Once staff has arrived in the Host-Country, Matira will do:
– On-boarding (Familiarization, Housing)
– Set-up of “helpdesk”
– Medicare training
(if not already done in Country of Origin)